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Rosita Serrano


Rosita Marìa Martha Esther Aldunate del Campo Serrano, born in Viña del Mar, Chile 10 June 1914 and died in Santiago 6 April 1997 was a Chilean singer who had her biggest success in Nazi Germany between 1930s and early 1940s. She was nicknamed for her incredible voice, “Die Chilenische Nachtigall” (The chilean nightingale).  Rosita Serano was born…
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Lilian Harvey


Helene Lilian Muriel Pape, born in Hornsey, England 19 January 1906 and died in Juan-les-Pins 27 July 1968 was an actress, dancer and singer British, naturalized German, who had his greatest success between 1925 and 1945. He was nicknamed the sweetest girl in the world. . Lilian Harvey was born in Hornsey in north London 19 January 1906. His mother, Ethel…
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The problem of the permanent needle-Expert’s Views

The problem of the permanent needle-Expert’s Views “Interesting and informative article taken from the ‘The Daily News – Perth’ of  March 1929″ The problem of the permanent needle Is one which always excites interest (says Mr. Compton Mackenzie in ‘The Gramophone’). So far as quality of tone concerned, the H.M.V. Tungstyle needle Is still unrivalled, but…
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Mica or Metal diaphragm?

Mica or Metal diaphragm? “Interesting and informative article taken from the ‘The Daily News – Perth’ of 1929″ Mica diaphragms for soundboxes have been, the undisputed favorites for so long that now there is a sudden vogue for metal (chiefly aluminium) so many people are asking with surprise why the change? Does aluminium give any better resporise than…
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Questions and Answers

Some Questions and Answers “The following questions with interesting and informative replies are taken from the ‘Gramophone’ of 1928″   “Q. Is it really necessary to change the needle for each record? A. With ordinary steel needles, certainly, and even with a so-called, semipermanent needle it is probably more economical in the end to change them every…
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